Welcome to Wound Care Surgeons

Wound Care Surgeons (“WCS”) delivers advanced wound consult and G-tube replacement services. WCS focuses on highly coordinated efficient low cost delivery of MD/PA/NP services dedicated towards patients with multiple chronic co-morbid conditions.WCS is a physician driven program that came into existence after the new guideline and implementation of Affordable Care Act . We provide LTACs (Long Term Acute Care Services), SNFs (Skilled Nurse Facilities), Rehabs, Home Health Agencies and Hospices with the most advanced wound consult and treatment and gastrostomy tube replacement under mobile x-ray at patients location.

Our program utilizes an extension of the advanced evidenced based clinical pathways and expedite the healing of wounds and raise the level of wound care provided to your patients. WCS is capable of managing patients across Southwest U.S. with healing rates tracked and bench marked nationally. We have a state wide wound care support structure that focuses on Compliance with current Medicare Standards, coordination and clinical encounters by our physicians and mid level providers.

Affordable care act has created strong incentive for HMOs, PPOs, Medicare, and Medicaid to explore this low cost delivery model of service as more and more care is being shifted out of hospitals.

Why WCS?


  • Weekly or one time Physician evaluation based on complexity.
  • G-tube or PEG replacement with radiologist read on same day or within 18hrs – available 7 days  a week.
  • Evaluation and treatment of all wound types including (Pressure Ulcers-stages I-IV, Non-Pressure-Venous and Arterial Stasis, postsurgical and diabetic foot ulcers)
  • All patients receive the same quality of care, regardless of payer source, we accept Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, all PPO and HMOs with approved authorization.
  • Our Physicians have a limited number of patients they provide services to, ensuring continued quality of care.
  • Physicians work within the Home Health agency’s or SNF’s existing formulary and protocols to help keep dressing costs down
  • We work as part of a wound care team with your nurses, Dietician and Physical Therapists to improve healing and reduce costs
  • Physicians may incorporate dietician consult and IV antibiotic therapy if clinically necessary
  • Physician documentation and orders supporting your care is completed and returned within 24 hours of our providers visit with patient.

What are the benefits?

  • Nursing visits are reduced by an average of 50%
  • Patients recover faster
  • Dressing costs are reduced by eliminating unnecessary dressing changes
  • “Continuum of care program” is created for all wound patients
  • Regulatory requirements are met
  • Doctor’s documentation supports your wound care treatments
  • Hospital readmits, ER visits, wound care centers visits are reduced or eliminated and thereby further reducing Medicare part A billing (CMS encouraged)
  • ACO hospital referrals are increased
  • Reduction in cost at every level of healthcare system
  • SNF’s, Home Health and Hospice agencies differentiate themselves in the community as agency of Excellence affiliated with Wound Care Surgeons
  • Skilled Nursing and Long-Term acute care facilities with Medicare patients that have exhausted paid eligible days from insurance would be able to discharge patients with wounds to home and WCS  providers would provide continuity of care.
  • Wound patients under our care from hospices receive wound supplies through us.